Lebanese Street Food That You Want Right Now

The pleasure of visiting a street vendor is the best way to experience the local flavors. These stands have been a part of our culture for many years. That’s why many people enjoy eating in them during summer.

Shish Kebabs

The most well-known Lebanese version of shish kebab is made with lamb that has been marinated in a mix consisting mainly of garlic, salt, pepper, and the desired spices. After being skewered along with vegetables such as capsicum or onions; mushrooms & cherry tomatoes, it’s then barbecued to perfection. These portable meals are great to carry on the go and make a great addition to barbecues in the summer. Make sure that you are stocked with salads so everyone can savor their meal.


Shawarma sandwiches are delicious. This sandwich is made from thinly sliced marinated meat, which is then slow-roasted onto the skewer vertically for hours. It is served perfectly with your choice of chicken or lamb sauces as well as lettuce tomato onion pickles and tahini sauce.

These sandwiches are delicious! They can be purchased anywhere, even if there isn’t an “ifice” in front of the door. This type of pita-based food is very sought-after all over the world with a particular focus in Arab countries such as Lebanon. It was first introduced in the past when farmers would sell their products at markets instead of farming.


Falafel wraps will be your new favorite snack regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or vegan, or simply looking for a delicious meal. These chickpea fried ball are comprised of chickpeas, spices such as cumin and coriander as well as garlic chili powder. They’re then cut into small conesprior to wrapping them in pita. This dish is great to serve for breakfast, lunch or any other time.


Kebbeh, Lebanon’s national dish was enjoyed by people in this region for thousands of years. Its ingredients are burghul (a kind of cracked wheat) minced onion and ground lamb. It can it also includes other meats such as chicken or beef; chopped pine nuts and various spices, such as salt, cumin and Cayenne to cinnamon. You can also add some heat by adding chilies. This mixture is then stir-fried until golden brown.


Kheer bandooki is the meat lover’s ideal come to life. The street food is prepared with ground lamb, beef or chicken. They are then seasoned to perfection before being shaped into cylindrical cigars. Then , they’re cooked on open flames , served on skewers.

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